Hello & Introductions

Hello! Nice to meet you.

I’m Doniree Walker. I’m a Portland-based Integrative Health & Wellness Coach.

A what?

A Health Coach!

What’s that?

Health & wellness coaches help clients make positive and sustainable changes. An integrative approach considers more than just food and fitness, and includes family, relationships, spirituality, and career satisfaction.

You’ve found the blog section on my website. These first few posts will explain my coaching process, how I work with clients, what my core values are, and why I believe in sustainable habit change as a path to more confidence, more joy, and more fulfillment. Here are a few more of my core beliefs as I approach coaching my clients:

  • I focus just as heavily on Primary Food as I do on Secondary (actual) food.

  • I consider each client to be a unique individual whose needs could differ greatly from my own and from those of my other clients. IIN calls this concept bio-individuality, and I’ve adopted that here, focusing more on the individual than the theory (and there are a LOT of dietary theories out there!).

  • It’s way more fun to crowd in than cut out. For that reason, my clients and I like to explore new foods, recipes, and healthy habits to add in rather than focus our attention on what not to eat or do.

  • A few truths remain universal, and Michael Pollan said it best:

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Everyone benefits from a plant-heavy diet that is light on processed food, meat products, and heavy fats/carbs. That’s not to say that there’s no place for them, but if you want to know right this second what one thing you can do to improve your health? Adopt that mantra.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Oh! And drink more water. Hydration is crucial!

My personal goals and focuses right now are these:

  • building financial security

  • growing my (this!) business

  • outlining a strategy for a strong focus on learning (reading/studying) and writing in 2019.

What are yours?

What it's like to work with a health coach