Micro Adjustments and Making Small Changes

“Shift your right hip back. Now shift your left shoulder back. Notice how this squares your torso to the front of the room.”

“Place your hands on top of your shins and gently press into them. Counter that by pressing your shins into your hands. Notice now what happens to your hamstrings and your overall posture.” 

My yoga class this morning was full of these minor (micro) adjustments. Some were even more mental shifts such as simply thinking about moving my shoulders, thighs, or forearms in some inward or outward directions.

These minor shifts lead to more awareness and better postures, which in turn, build muscle memory and protect against injury -- among other benefits.

I find this same approach to be true in habit-change in our daily lives. Big, sweeping changes are hard to make, they often don’t stick, and we end up more frustrated with ourselves than we were to begin with. Not only are we still doing the habit, we’re beating ourselves up for “failing” to change, correct, or quit it. 

Micro-adjustments in daily habits looks like adding one more serving of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet, rather than try to quit eating desserts altogether or committing to some 14/28/30 day cleanse/diet/program. Once that’s effortless, add another or make another small change. 

It looks like walking (or literally, running) your errands rather than driving (when reasonable). 

And for me, personally, right now, it means making these observations in a yoga class, writing them down, and hitting publish. 

Where I actually want to be is publishing regularly, consistently, here, about all of the things going on in my life right now, which honestly - is a lot. There’s a lot of self-work, soul-work happening in my life right now and it’s kind of messy. But with each new growth comes the reminder to keep going forward, that it’s worth it.

So, today - my micro-adjustment is to simply hit publish. To not be overwhelmed at the actual volume of things I want to say and to simply say one thing.

What’s yours? What minor shift can you make right now to put you in better, closer alignment with the place you want to be?

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