Year in Review Workbook - 2018

Year in Review Workbook - 2018

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WHAT A DEAL! Really, this workbook is applicable all the time, any time. But, because it’s something I release yearly, the 2018 workbook will be available at half-price for the remainder of the year.

Stay tuned, the 2019 Year in Review fun will start in November!

This is a workbook, a guided journal, and is 27 pages full of inspiration, writing prompts, and a complete breakout of your last year by month and by category of Primary Food (that’s finances, health, career, creativity, and more). I’ll guide you through the process of identifying the highlights and low points in the last year so that you can align your intentions for the next year knowing where you are and where you’re coming from.

This Year in Review will help you understand your priorities (both stated and lived), set goals and intentions, and guide your clear plan to achieving them. This is a framework meant to jumpstart ideas, reinforce your commitment to yourself and your self-care, and to inspire you. 

For more on how I do my own personal reviews, check out this blog post.

NOTE: This is a digital (downloadable) product.

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What people are saying:

“Completing the workbook was super fun and definitely made me think about my goals in a more concrete way, while also tying them back to my overall goals and intentions for life." | Ashley, @beautyandtruthtalk