“It’s always so lovely to see how fired up I am to take action and tackle goals right speaking with you!”
— Michelle, Seattle

Happy Clients


“Doniree is a "coach," for sure, but for me she is more of an accountability buddy for hire. She really gets in and cares about you and your progress toward making changes.

Talking to Doni really is like talking to a long-time friend, but it comes with manageable, actionable, goal-oriented tasks. Her friendly follow-up and motivation really helped me hone in on what I wanted to change in my life and how I'd get there.

Working with Doniree supplemented the other "self-work" things I have been doing, and she really helped me kick my growth into hyperdrive. So basically, if you're looking to make ANY kind of change in your life, whether it's a habit or a goal or even just to change your frame of mind, bring Doni in to level up your support! ”


"Doni gave me avenues to figure out the measurable steps to take on my way to [my] goals without telling me what to do.

So much of our conversations revolved around her listening to the things I was already saying and pulling those things out and highlighting them to me…

Doni's attitude about health is incredibly refreshing as well…She encouraged me to think about how I felt in my body and to take a holistic approach to my health; if I was stressed about work or my finances or my relationships, it will manifest in my body and the best way to practice good health is to think about all of those elements of my life.

With all the topics we touched on - health, exercise, finances, relationships, work, etc. - the overarching message and lesson I got from Doni was about intentionality…Doni taught me how to be intentional and focused without being prescriptive. I'm so grateful for her guidance and support as a coach."

— Rachel M.